Sunday, September 2, 2007

Da Vinci, Tallinn, Estonia

Aia 7
Phone: +372 641 6177

e-mail: davinci [at]

Tallinn is full of new and exciting restaurants, and today I’d like to present my own favourite amongst them. Davinci is – as you might guess – an Italian restaurant, and is located just 300m away from the main shopping street in Tallinn’s old town, right next to the Kalev Spa. The trendy, lounge-type ambience is neat, the service friendly & english-speaking, and the pasta list is outright impressive. Take very traditional Italian ingredients and dishes, add a modern, even experimental touch to them, and you have what makes the extensive menu so enjoyable to try out.

Next to the normal categories, the menu has two pasta parts: Fresh Pasta and Pasta & Risotti. During our last visit, I tried Gnocchi al pistacchio e bresaola (~8€), which sounds exotic and was excellent. Both pasta sections include two dishes with truffle, and even though the truffle shaves themselves are more for decoration than for taste, the sauces have a nice strong aroma. While we never actually got to the main courses and ended up filling our stomachs with different kinds of pasta, the menu continues with the fresh attitude: Goose filet in cherry and almond sauce (~13,50 €), Beef filet with grated Robiola cheese and red chicory (radicchio), salmon with beet carpaccio and asparagus. The desserts (there’s always space for one dessert) are slightly more traditional, but nevertheless very good and of a stunnig visual appearance (see picture, I just love the heartbeat idea). If you’d like to go for a nice drink before or after, the simpler sister-restaurant Leonardo is just on the other side of the entrance and is nice for cocktails and other drinks.

Although a bit high priced in relation to the general price level, Da Vinci seems to have taken its well-earned spot in the increasingly competitive Tallinn restaurant scene, celebrating their second birthday in spring 2007. We have visited Da Vinci for several times now, have never been disappointed, and every time were tempted to order more dishes than we could actually manage to eat.

PS. The full menu can be found at their webpage, which even has three different background music tracks to choose from :)

PPS. I just learned today (Aug 2008) that there's a shady pizzeria on the same street, a few houses further down the road - if you're looking for DaVinci, make sure you're not walking past.

Visited: July 2006, July 2007, May 2008

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