Saturday, September 29, 2007

Les Diables au Thym, Paris, France

5, Rue Bergère, 75009. Paris
Tel : 01 47 70 77 09

This small, family-owned bistro is my favourite bistro in Paris. Located in the Montmartre area, the place features traditional French cuisine and a nice wine list, and Madame runs the service with the sometimes forgotten Parisian charm. My favourite main dish here is the “Marmite de hommard et coquilles saint jaques” (hope I got this right, my school French is a bit rusty), a stew of lobster and scallops (30€). The place feels very real, is tiny and fits maybe 20 people. And while the interiour resembles that of restaurants on cruise boats, the cuisine is actually very nice. Recently there seems to be a rise in English-speaking guests, which made me think about whether some tour guide might be featuring this place. I really hope it stays authentic, though.

Visited: November 2005, May 2006, June 2007

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