Saturday, June 14, 2008

Toscana, Tallinn, Estonia

Vene 6, Tallinn
Phone: +372 6 450 045

Last time we were visiting Tallinn, we tried out another Italian in the old town, Toscana. The logo and design of the menu is somewhat similar to Da Vinci’s (see below), but their webpages are different and do not link to each other. So, it’s hard to say whether the same guys are behind both restaurants, but the type of food and the truffophile menu might be a sign that they are. Compared to Da Vinci, the interior in Toscana is a bit more fine-diningish, and the menu is also a bit more exciting. As a starter I went for the veal carpaccio (150 EEK / 10€), which was good upper standard, with fresh rocket salad and a nice olive oil. My main course was tagliatelle with artichokes, smoked raw ham and Grana Padano (140EEK / 9.30€) - fresh ingredients and yummy. My companion started with a bruschetta which was OK, and then went for a nice Tagliolini with porcini mushrooms and spinach (140EEK / 9.30€). There was still a little hole for dessert, which I filled with an average+ mousse di cioccolato. While this time we went for rather classic choices, the menu does offer some innovative dishes such as Tagliolini with king prawns and orange, Gnocchi with capsicum and wild boar ham, and Salmon with pistachio and rucola sauce.
Altogether, a nice dining experience, and we felt the food was slightly better and the menu a bit more exciting than that of Da Vinci. Special thanks to our waiter Martin, who was patient enough to stick to Estonian despite our fairly limited language skills.

Visited: May 2008

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