Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saittavini, Duesseldorf, Germany

Luegallee 79, D-40545 Düsseldorf
Tel. 0211/57797918

Thought I'd add this Italian gem to the blog right away. Saittavini is one of a couple of Italian restaurants run by the Saitta family, one of Duesseldorf's oldest Italian families. Termed an "Enoteca", the place is much more than you would normally associate with the term: White tablecloth, real candle chandeliers, a quite extensive menu, and a wonderfully cheerful atmosphere.

The service is friendly, and the food tasty. Last time visited, I started with the beef carpaccio (11€), which was superb - fresh, tasty, and served with a wonderful crisp rocket salad on top. Next came my all-time-favourite, the truffle pasta (19.50€) - simple but aah so good. After that there sadly was no space for a dessert anymore, but as the dessert list here is not very exciting anyhow, it wasn't a big loss.

The wine list is extensive, an in addition you can choose any one of the 1000 wines on sales in the Enoteca and pay a 15€ surcharge for consuming it with your dinner.

Altogether, one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Duesseldorf, and maybe the one with the liveliest atmosphere. The place is located on "the other" side of the river, in the posh area of Oberkassel. It's easy to reach from the old town with the metro (get out at "Barbarossaplatz" and you are there), and they're open MON-SAT from 10am till midnight, with the Kitchen serving until 10 pm. It's usually full, so best to reserve a few days in advance.

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